Corporate Pilates Classes (currently online via Zoom)



Pilates is a safe, low impact and highly effective method of exercise, improving strength and flexibility, relieving stress and significantly aiding posture- making it the perfect exercise for wellness in the workplace.

Alongside these universal benefits it also helps workplace specific challenges. All jobs have their own patterns of movement which over time result in muscular imbalance, where poor posture, sitting or standing can result in a variety of back, leg, neck and foot problems. Some muscle groups become tight, while others become weak and inefficient and Pilates rebalances the body as a whole, improving postural alignment.

My workplace Pilates classes focuses on mat work, starting with a gentle warm up before moving onto Pilates exercises designed to challenge, strengthen and mobilise the body, leaving you feeling lengthened, and energised.

Email for ongoing or one off corporate rates.

I am also a co-founder of a workplace wellbeing service that offers a range of wellness classes including dance, yoga, Pilates, nutrition workshops and more. 

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