Burn Fat Fast with HIIT Pilates!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Are you looking to burn fat and improve cardio fitness, but also conscious of strengthening your limbs and toning your core? If the answer is yes, then HIIT Pilates is the perfect solution for you.

HIIT (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training) Pilates basically consists of quick bursts of tough cardiovascular exercises followed by 'rest' periods during which you undertake Pilates stretches- the best of both worlds. Research shows that a combination of strength and endurance training in one session can result in exactly the same fitness gains as you’d get from two separate sessions, which is due to increased capillarisation. This is a higher number of small blood vessels within the muscle. Because of this, your body is able to supply more oxygen, hormones and energy to exercising tissues. From just one session of HIIT Pilates per week – you can improve your strength, power and endurance. Better yet, you can achieve these gains more quickly than two weekly sessions of resistance or endurance sessions on their own.

HIIT is challenging if you have not done this kind of intense exercise before, but as the first session is a fitness test, you can be prepared as to what to expect and see if it is the right fit for you.

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