Gym Closed due to Coronavirus? Boost your Immunity with an Indoor Workout...

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Now that the last of the gyms, dance and fitness studios have closed to encourage us to self-isolate whilst in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it's wise to keep some kind of exercise regime going- to keep you fit, to improve your mood and to generally just keep you going during this crazy time!

With workouts ranging from Tabata to Twerk Fitness now available on YouTube, why not consider online Pilates instead? It has been shown to boost immunity as well as improving posture, joint mobility and core stability. Pilates exercises also help to make your lymphatic and respiratory systems more efficient and these are crucial to your immune system.

Pilates is also great for increasing lung capacity, and the breathing involved is another key factor for good health. One of the first things you learn in a Pilates class is how to breathe better, as most of us breathe far too shallowly.

Finally, Pilates alignment, breathing and centring in combination will also to help you let go of unwanted tension and de-stress, as well as releasing mood boosting chemicals called endorphins. Keeping to a schedule is recommended during this time of self-isolation, and if you are alone, joining an online group class can help you stay connected and feel part of a community!

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