Stretchology 101: Training in Assisted Stretch Therapy

You may have seen one of the many stretch labs popping up all over London, but what exactly is 'Stretchology'? And who is it for?

Like a lot of wellness trends, this therapy hails from the States where so-called 'stretch studios' started to open in LA and NYC. Loved by office workers and athletes alike, this form of stretching helps to develop more efficient alignment and movement patterns, as well as improving athletic performance. Great for muscle tightness and soreness, and lower back pain- the techniques used help to improve flexibility and the range of movement of the body, 'wake up' inactive muscles, stretch out the fascia (connective tissue that wraps the muscle) and of course, make you feel nice and relaxed. Imagine someone doing a stretch workout for you- that is basically it!

I recently went to train in stretch therapy at the London School of Massage as I felt that my Pilates clients could benefit from some of these techniques in the cool down section of my classes. It was a fantastic two days of hands-on, practical stretching and I learned a lot that I have since been able to share with my lucky clients. Not only that, I got to be a model for the other practitioners meaning that I left the school feeling more supple than ever!

The great thing is, assisted stretch therapy is a safe and efficient method for anyone regardless of their fitness levels, and the perfect, relaxing end to a workout.

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